Current Exhibition

In Gallery 66NY this month

“Past, Present, Future


 September 1 – September 24

Opening Reception: Friday Sept 1st, 6-9 pm

This month in Gallery 66NY, three artists exhibit works representing Past, Present and Future.  Galelyn Williams, Lisa Zukowski and Anna Bergin present interpretations giving alternative views of the past, present and future.

In Gallery A

Anna Bergin’s most recent series of paintings was a challenge to herself to take piles of wood ash and turn them into something beautiful. Bergin usually lets her paintings develop organically, but with this series, she decided to intentionally create botanical imagery because of its vast symbolism across cultures. The idea of depicting flowers growing from ash with masses of layers not only appealed to her but may surprise viewers and entice them to take a closer look. Beauty is fleeting and creates its own challenges. Within each layer of these paintings, viewers can feel the heaviness, visualize the expansion, float with the grace, and experience the temptation that can all come with the weight of existence, even for beautiful things.

In Gallery B

Lisa Zukowski works both two dimensionally and sculpturally in multiple media. Her work is always about transformation and change, often using repurposed or found materials. Zukowski tells a story by realizing what it is that she is presently focusing on to choose the subject of her work.  Currently, she has been focusing on the concept of shelter in this series of new mixed media works, which incorporate repurposed and found building materials combined with encaustic, asphalt paint and paint stick.


In Gallery C

Galelyn Williams examines the past through unrelated objects and images fitting them together like a puzzle.  Like joining words together to form a poem, her pieces reveal themselves to her as she forms new associations with elements that already have separate histories.  Humor is an important component in her work providing a universal means of communication.  Favorite childhood stories, old photographs and found trinkets play a fundamental role in her work, which she combines with painting and collage.  By placing these items in themes of social and political context she hopes to provide an alternative view of the past.

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