Current Exhibition

95 Year old artist Sam Bartman opens his first solo exhibit “It’s About Time” A Retrospective– at Gallery 66 NY. An Opening Reception for the artist is 6-9 p.m, Friday April 7th and runs thru April 30th. The artist will be present at various times throughout the exhibition, 66 Main Street, Cold Spring, NY

Gallery 66 NY presents a 60 year retrospective of Sam Bartman’s bold, exuberant, skillful, and engaging paintings.

Exhibited in all 3 galleries, representative works from several main series throughout his career will be on view. Referring to himself as an outsider and self taught experimentalist, Bartman early on broke the rules by mixing resin, varnishes, automotive paints, and artists’ oils with water based pigments and mediums, to create reproducible chemical reactions that form the basis for his dramatic impasto brushwork, and floating colors. Using repurposed WW ll army surplus reflective plastic sheets as his canvas, a perceptual depth is added. His exclusive use, for 50 years, of the consistent 17″x 17″ format of these sheets lent itself to wide investigation of imagery and surface within a unifying visual structure and discipline.  A keen observer and fearless experimenter, Bartman’s self referenced pieces are never copied from sketches or site painted, but spontaneously mined from his incessant visual grazing and mental store house, of memory and the subconscious.

The displayed 60 plus works include landscapes, abstracts, fantasy imagery, and pattern.  Having exhibited in group shows since the early 1990’s, in Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island, this, his first solo show, It’s About Time, is a fitting accomplishment.

At 95, Sam Bartman knows something about time. -The time it takes to commit to an art practice of nearly 60 years.

-The time it takes to commit to a process and vision. -The time it takes to constantly not just look but to see.  -The time it takes for concepts to ripen into paintings. -The time it takes to learn what materials can do. -The time it takes to experiment and break the rules. -The time it takes to learn where those new results can take you. -The time it takes to be present in your mind and surroundings. -The time it takes to amass a body of work exceeding 2000 pieces.

And yes, It’s About Time his work came out of the studio and into the world!