Romy Campe


“All elementary particles are of the same substance, made from the same material that is now known as energy or universal matter – the particles are just different forms in which
matter appears.” Werner Heisenberg

It is always amazing what people do in everyday life and profession. Where do they gather this power from? Physically speaking, energy is the ability to perform work. The
power a man yields per day can even be calculated: With a well-trained man, it is about 100 Watts. But this purely physical energy does not interest Romy Campe.

The actual power of man lies not in his muscles, but in the head. Early examples might be the inventions of knife, wedge, hammer, or bow and arrow. With such hand tools, man could not increase his physical strength but was able to use it much more efficiently. Only man has got the power of conscious thinking, planning, and designing.  Only he can thus influence himself, his fate, and his future in a well-aimed way.

Romy Campe would like to display the various forms of „head energy“ and their impact on humans.  The pictures of the work group „Head Energy“ are presenting positive and powerful
energy. Energy that moves forward. Energy that drives you, that makes you forget yourself. Energy at which you only see your goal but hardly yourself anymore. This kind of energy is based on speed, power, and dynamics.

“This science-fiction-like series draws its tension from rapid movement that is designed as if it was frozen.” Dr. Gülker, IBKK

These images are non-representational because man is not recognizing himself anymore. Energy in its purest form!  In contrast, the images of the work group “moments“ represent the inward, partially blocked and negative energy which is definitely a high impact energy.

The positive, flowing energy is stopped or reversed into its contrary. The images of the work group „Moments“ are becoming representational; man becomes visible because he is torn away from the „flow of life energy“ and looks at himself rather than forward. He is surrounded by the corresponding energy, from which there seems to be no escape.

The “morphing” is a new work phase. They combine paintings and photographs of the artist and printed mainly on metal. Paintings and artists merge into a new reality and a new expression.

Meanwhile, Romy Campe uses not only their own works for morphing. She morphs and gives them an entirely new statement.