Lisa Scheffer


Lisa Scheffer has been painting just about all her life. She started painting with oils at a very young age, learning from her father who also paints. “We would go down in the basement of our house and he would teach me how to paint. I remember taking some drawing classes as a young child and art was always my favorite class in school.”

Growing up in Dutchess County, NY, Lisa first went to Dutchess Community College in Poughkeepsie, NY and studied Graphic Design as her major. She then went to F.I.T. in NYC, majoring in Advertising and Graphic Design, minoring in Illustration. After graduating she lived and working in NYC as a Graphic Designer for about 15 years.

With the birth of her daughter, Tess, she moved back to the Hudson Valley and lived and worked in Cold Spring. Today she works for herself which gives her more freedom and time to paint. She now lives in Dutchess County.

About 2012 Scheffer was at an odd antique store in Austin, Texas and was drawn to an old broken doll. She loved the creepy factor and saw beauty in the cracks and colors. She bought more dolls and old puppet heads on the trip and came home with the start of what is now a large collection. Scheffer painted that first doll and named her Scarlett.  She decided it would be fun to name all the “creepy doll” paintings after people she knew. Since then, she has mostly painted from her collection. With some breaks painting she is now painting for series 3.  Scheffer will keep painting her creepy dolls until she knows it is time to go on to another subject.