His new works have the magic of the ailing and transience, thus appear timeless.

He has perfected this technique, among other things in the Babelsberg film studios, where he is engaged on a regular basis by the Art Department as a set Painter in Hollywood productions. As a highlight, he won with his team, an Academy Award for artistic work on the film “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

MASCH was a lecturer in the UDK Berlin and the Fraunhofer Institute and taught art students at the Institute of Art and Design, Malta.  Since 2008 he lives and works again in Berlin. There he performs together with the artist Romy Campe in the company ART LIFE BERLIN, and in other Berlin projects, such as the Living Art Pictures show and the Artful Salon Dinner.

“My paintings do not offer solutions. Rather, I try to make impermanence visible in a particular state. This condition presents itself to the viewer as pure surface. I’m doing it by itself to the content of my work. „(MASCH)

In a society that is committed to the youth craze, screened in ever faster, exchanged, replaced, act MASCH’s work as a stop sign. If one accepts the depth, then peels off from what appears old and worn, at first glance, a core which tells of something else. With the cycle “New Generation” MASCH is again moved away from figuration towards its own interpretation and presentation of materials. Just as an experimental knitting circle that began in the 1990s closes. Today, the works seem ripened naturally and authentically. Likewise, free from conventions.

 Born in 1950 as a son of an architect in the Rhineland – lives and works in Berlin and studied at the the UdK Berlin.