Manfred Holtkamp


Photographer, painter, sculptor,  born in 1960, works and lives in Wetter, Germany (North Rhine – Westphalia).


In professional circles Holtkamp’s works have excited more and more attention in recent years. His preferred material is wood. His love for this material is clearly evident in his work.

To the largely natural grain of various types of wood (like oak, lime, olive, driftwood) Holtkamp adds as a counterpoint – but never as a fraction – his own unique aesthetic, grain in the form of lines, colors and textures.

Holtkamp first cuts curved shapes and contours of the objects. Then he works his structures using acrylic paint, rust, metal fragments, ash, acid, MDF and casein, ‘into’ the wood. This creates sculptures and wall objects that exert a great fascination for the viewer and are also very decorative.