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Born and grown up in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. He lives and works in Herdecke. “HEGO” is a pseudonym – derived from the first two letters of his first and last name (Heinz Goevert). For many, many years HEGO has played the drums in various rock- and rhythm ‘n blues bands in Dortmund, Germany.

When HEGO had to stop playing the drums a few years ago, he was really missing something. He felt a kind of “creative gap” which he filled by taking up a passion from his youth: painting in 2003.  He has studied English, sociology and philosophy and ended up as a headmaster of a bilingual secondary modern school. He retired in 2010. HEGO is a self taught painter.

HEGO realizes works where the energy of colour and texture are essential. The emotion seems to take the upper hand on a thought or a fixed idea. However, every stroke of the brush unites the emotion to some form of rationality, merging the intuition with a logical thinking. His works are generated by a primary impulse, but then the right plasma, the first instinctive gesture is thoroughly checked to make “sense” of everything. HEGO’s works express primordial feelings controlled by reason.

Besides black and white he likes using warm, earthy colours (acrylics, pigments) – mixed with sand or modelling paste in different layers – painted, smoothed over in rough, often archaic looking patterns. Sometimes he also uses marble dust, mull, pack-twine, copper- and zinc plates, jeans-cloth, pc-scrap, and metal flakes.  He paints while listening to rhythm ‘n blues music and – being a former drummer – he feels that painting and drumming have a lot in common.

HEGO’s work has also been publicly juried numerous times into the top 10 (12 times within two years) of the “TOP 50” – artists on “Saatchi Showdown” (Saatchi-Gallery London) which regularly receives over 40 million hits per day. His artwork “Dancing Lines” came in 3rd in Showdown Round Ten (July 2009) – out of 2320 artworks handed in. HEGO’s paintings sold to private collectors all over the world, mostly to collectors in the United States of America and the United Kingdom (also to collectors in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Germany).