Bernard Winkler


Photography is not objective and therefore cannot depict reality – it always remains on the surface, and is always subjective and open for interpretation. The image creates an illusion of reality.

My work takes its focus towards photography and the images which explore subjectivity and the notion of interpretation. I am searching for the emotional aspects in the composition. How do I experience my environment? Is my perception more dynamic than a static photography? By method of association I am combining the found image through the camera eye with the objects which I encounter in everyday life. I experience things connected to time and space. The question of presentation and deliverance remains open.

In my techniques, I am using long exposure and camera movement to achieve the desired effects.  And with this workflow something is changing, something the naked eye cannot discern, but it can be felt.

There is something behind the visible.  A space, like an aura which becomes visible only to me. This may be a link to my own reality – my own imagination.