Irv Suss

Irv Suss is a photographer specializing in Fine Art Photography with an emphasis on landscape photography, and the creation of abstract and surreal images.
At the age of 12, I purchased a “Jr Photographers Printing Kit” for $1.99, and with those few packets of chemicals and photo paper, I printed my first small photo from an old 35MM negative. Watching that photo come to life in a small tray was like magic. I was hooked, and still am.  Many years (and many cameras) later, the technology has changed, but the magic is still there.The abstract creations for this show are based on original photographs that I’ve taken. The work starts as an image which was selected for some aspect of it’s; colors, shapes, lines, patterns and textures. These photographs provide the starting point from which something new and entirely different will emerge.
Using modern digital software and my imagination, the image is de-constructed only to be reassembled as something unrecognizable from the original. My canvas is a computer screen. Software provides my brushes. I paint with the mouse. I let my imagination guide the brushes.  My abstract art is often a flight of fancy. The imagination at play, or at work, where the real juxtaposes with the surreal. The imagination creates the image from the reality that had previously been in front of the camera. A new reality with a new energy emerges. Shapes, textures, symmetries and asymmetries are there to be explored, arranged and rearranged. The advent of digital photography with today’s modern photo editing software allows me to move beyond simply making an image of what is, but to re-imagine a scene, or a person, or an emotion. The photo is just the starting point. Lines bend, change, or disappear entirely. Colors, lines, and shapes shift and play off each other, creating a new image, all in an effort to elicit a reaction, or an emotion from the viewer. Limits like rules are to be avoided.  Each piece is unique and entirely the product of my imagination expressed on the canvas. The image speaks for itself.
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