Carla Goldberg

I grew up in Palm Springs, CA but have lived in the Hudson Valley since finishing grad school. Am I a Californian? Not entirely. I’ve lived in New York so long I’ve decided to call myself a Cali Yorker. I may not be fully west coast or east coast but both definitely influence the aesthetics of my artwork. My education is deeply rooted in alternative materials and experimentation.

I graduated with honors from the University of Redlands, Ca Johnston Center which emphasized this experimentation. I studied with noted Los Angeles based artist John Nava who lit the fire for my love of abstract and installation work. I earned my MFA from MICA Mount Royal School of Art in Baltimore which also heavily emphasized experimentation. I had the opportunity to study directly with museum artist Sal Scarpitta, one of Leo Castelli’s stable of artists. Experimentation, resin and water concepts are hallmarks of my work. I have a number of series I like to work back and forth from and once a year I begin to experiment with ideas combining traditional and nontraditional materials.

I’m a full-time Mixed-Media. I’ve shown in over 300 solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally in museums, universities and galleries and have done quite a few large-scale commissions for public spaces. Recent commissions include a 21-foot-long triptych for the lobby of The Marriott Waikiki Beach, two large seafoam sculptural drawings for the historic The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida, three giant glass walls for the outdoor solarium on the world’s largest passenger ship, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s ‘Harmony Of The Seas” and The Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati. I’m the 2014 recipient of the Connecticut “SeaGrant”, a partnership between the University of Connecticut and the nation’s primary ocean agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

I’m currently exhibiting with the Joan McLoughlin Gallery, San Francisco, Denise Bibro Fine Art, NYC, Chase Edwards Fine Art, Bridgehampton, NY, Brenda Taylor Projects, Boston, MA, Alida Anderson Projects, Washington D.C. and Kunstleben Gallery Berlin, Germany.

These delicate, lacy, seafoam drawings are based on the memory of days spent along the shore. I meticulously draw hundreds of thousands of pinpoint sized dots in white oil ink on both sides of a ¼” Plexiglas panel. The work is then frosted and painted just as meticulously with resin. The drawings are completely clear and frosted. The color is applied on a second panel that is hung against the wall. The drawing sits an inch in front of the color panel on standoffs. Drawing becomes sculpture as light passes thru the panels casting ethereal light and shadow patterns behind. The effect is very dimensional as if you could dip your fingers in water. The patterns dazzle. The effect changes according to the time of day and source of light.

This work is commissionable. I work with many designers. Please note: no two drawings are ever the same but flow and density and orientation of horizontal or vertical as well as color are easily agreed upon. Colors are from Benjamin Moore. If you have photographs of seafoam from a particular beach, I can use those to influence the drawing.

Ripple Effect is a mixed media series of cast and free form resin and nail polish on Plexiglas that came about while watching my kids toss balls into a kiddie pool one summer. The colors come from nail polish. As the mother of two daughters, nail polish and glitter abound in my household and as a natural extension ended up as an important coloring and memory element in this series. Ripple effect plays with the idea of light and shadow, hinting of summer fun. They are an exploration of water surface, tension, deep shadow, dancing light, and of childhood memories of time spent happily by the water.

This work is commissionable.

This is a designer friendly series. I work with many designers. You may commission any number of panels, colors and size of balls. Typically, I have clients choose half of the nail polish colors and then I fill in with colors I think go well with their choices and surrounding furnishings. Other colors you can choose from are from Benjamin Moore line of colors which typically come out softer in tone. The color possibilities are endless.

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